Mountaineer Frenchies
Welcome to
Our Home!
We are Eric and Michelle Pizzoferrato and live in North Central West Virginia
along Interstate 68. We are French Bulldog lovers and think as any other Frenchie
owner would agree, they are very unique and lovable. We have become very fond
of the Russian bred Frenchies and currently own 5 Russian Beauties. We have
become very good friends with the breeder, Olga Stepanova of
Step of Love in
Moscow and this is where all of our dogs came from. Our dogs are very spoiled,
well socialized, and live in our home. We do not sell to Brokers or Pet Stores; so
don't even ask! I have had the same Vet for over 25 years taking care of all our
babies, and would not trust them to any other. All people will be screened to make
sure all puppies go to good homes. All dogs are AKC registered and DNA tested.
We take an enormous pride in this breed and will not sell or breed anything but
Quality Frenchies!
We look forward to doing business with you!
How fun! The two dogs on the
right are ours sold to a couple
in Canada. They were at a
dog festival and the owner of
the magazine Lush and Luxury
asked if they could be used in
a photo shoot for an upcoming
issue! Thank you Drew and
Kristin for getting our boys
out there and recognized!